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BigDevs provide a wide range of custom software development services.

Software Development

We deliver high-grade custom software to a wide range of clients. Our expertise across various technology stacks and in more than 10 industries can help you solve complex challenges with reliable and agile digital solutions.

Mobile Development

We can provide you an experienced developers team to create bespoke mobile apps that offer the best possible mobile experience to users. Our adaptive and scalable mobile technology solutions will build mobile apps that put you ahead of the competition.

Cloud Development

We design, develop, test and deploy custom cloud-based applications, each designed to be reliable, fault tolerant and highly scalable. We offer you the best architecture and the solution making use of the agile capabilities of Cloud infrastructure and services at full extent.

Business Model

Our client-centric approach, wide range of services and experienced staff make us an ideal partner for any custom application development project.

Dedicated Agile Teams | BigDevs LLC

Dedicated Agile Teams

Our Agile Teams are cross-functional groups of 5-11 individuals who define, build, test and deliver an increment of value in a short time box.

Fixed Price Projects | BigDevs LLC

Fixed Price Projects

We have an extended experience that results on successful projects inside an agreed timeline maintaining the excellent quality.

Staff Augmentation | BigDevs LLC

Staff Augmentation

Are you looking for an instant staff increase without even thinking about the Onboarding time? We are your solution.


Let's talk about who we are

BigDevs is an US based, independent global company, that supplies innovative and scalable solutions. Our primary focus is the development of Cloud, Mobile and Desktop solutions primarily focused on client requirements.

As a company, we challenge ourselves to find the best, easy to use solutions that help reduce downtime and create ease of mind for our users.

Our Team has a professional background of more than 15 years of solid experience through a wide range of fields.


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